• Engineering
    Design, Calculation and Development

    Indemat Product design and mold.

    Indemat Development and calculations.

    Indemat Definition of the manufacturing process.

    Indemat Project assessment and feasibility.

  • Machining Molds
    Models and Moulds

    Indemat Large scale numerical control.

    Indemat Machining models starting from 3D designs.

    Indemat Structural quality and high dimensional precision.

    Indemat CAD-CAM programming.

  • Production of pieces
    Produccion Piezas

    Indemat Adaptation of materials to products.

    Indemat One-off pieces, short and long runs.

    Indemat Pieces of large format.

    Indemat Polyester, carbon, epoxy, vinylester, complex composites.

  • Production Processes
    We define the technology best suited to each process.

    Indemat Manual projection (hand lay-up).

    Indemat Simultaneous lay-up.

    Indemat Infusion/Flex-molding.

    Indemat RTM.

  • Test and Trials
    For chemical and mechanical resistance

    Indemat Mechanical tests Traction , Flexion y Fatigue.

    Indemat Chemical tests.

Our Company
About us
INDEMAT is a company specializing in research and development in the field of engineering materials. They specialise in the production of molds and manufacture of pieces in advanced composite materials.
What we do?
See products
Indemat services cover design, machining, moulds, prototypes, pieces and testing. We are qualified to perform the complete development of a project, from initial design through to prototype production, mild manufacture, and the qualification and delivery of the first production series.

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