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  • Empresa
  • Medios Materiales Material means
    More than 7000 m2 dedicated to the production of molds and pieces in composite materials.
  • Vocación de servicio Our staff
    In Indemat we are growing through the effort and commitment of our employees and partners.
  • Nuestra gente Vocation to serve
    Production systems are adapted to the client’s needs.
Empresa Medios Materiales Vocación de servicio Nuestra gente

About us

INDEMAT is a company specializing in research and development in the field of engineering materials. They specialise in the production of Moulds and manufacture of pieces in advanced composite materials.

Equipped with the necessary means for efficient production, Indemat meets the established quality standards.

In Indemat we have design divisions that, as added value, offer the client the presentation of alternatives in 3D CAD for both mold design and end-product design.

To achieve a perfect model, the service of machining models by numerical control completes the design phase.

The manufacture of composite molds is carried out employing resins with high chemical strength, guaranteeing an excellent result. Polyester, vinylester, isophthalic resin, etc.
We adapt the production systems to the client’s needs in the piece manufacturing process. We have manufacturing processes that include contact molding, infusion, RTM, Light RTM and flex-molding.

Our bases reside in a firm business vision in which special relevance is given to technology research, our staff and the goals we pursue in our organization.
The manufacture of models, molds and pieces.

(...) Investigation into new materials is in constant development.
Indemat Recognized prestige.

Indemat Preferred supplier.

Indemat Outstanding organization.

Indemat Financially sound organization.

To offer solutions in composite materials to national and international enterprises. The manufacture of models, molds and pieces is the main activity, always accompanied with impeccable service to the client. Investigation into new materials is in constant development.

Indemat To be a company of recognized prestige in the European composite materials market.
Indemat To be the preferred supplier of our clients.
Indemat To be an outstanding organization for working.
Indemat To be a financially sound organization.

Indemat Investigation: we actively seek new materials that favor the final benefit of our clients.

Indemat Innovation: continuous improvement of processes and products to offer novel solutions.

Indemat Service: vocation of service in all our jobs.

Indemat Teamwork: we form a team, we combine forces, we achieve objectives.

Indemat Quality we offer quality to the client in all our products and services.

Indemat Trust: In all those who form and contribute to our organization.


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