Engineering and design

  • Ingenieria y Diseño
  • Programación CAD-CAM CAD-CAM Programming
    We adapt the design to machining the model
  • Diseño en 3D Design in 3D
    We develop your project.
  • Ingenieria y Diseño Engineering and design
    The design of each piece is a common project between Indemat and the client.
Ingenieria y Diseño Programación CAD-CAM Diseño en 3D Ingenieria y Diseño

Engineering and design

Indemat Studying the piece .

Indemat Studying the composition of materials, chemical resistance and mechanical strength.

Indemat Product development; we provide solutions and alternatives in its development.

Indemat Process definition. We choose the best manufacturing process, based on the size and set.

The engineering department is the party responsible for conducting a preliminary study of each project, the aim being to offer alternatives that can enhance the final outcome of each job. We offer different finishes in each project.
We work with 3D and 2D design programs, to be used in the CAD CAM of the numerical control.

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