• Naval Shipbuilding
    Interior partitions.
  • Naval Shipbuilding
    Furniture and interior finishing for sailing boats.
  • Naval Shipbuilding
    Moulds and models carried out by vacuum processing - Flexible moulding.
  • Naval Shipbuilding
    Models made of foam for sailing craft pieces.
Naval Naval Naval Naval

Leisure, commercial and military vessels

Indemat Full scale modeling.

Indemat Scale modeling.

Indemat Prototypes.

Indemat Specific specification tests.

Indemat Moulds for production.

Indemat Pieces for testing, verification of specifications and qualification.

Indemat Printing of pieces in 3D, design in 3D and transformation of files to CAD-CAM.

Indemat Machining in PE-PUR foam.

Indemat Cores for casting and for infusion in resin.

Continuous dedication to research and development of new composite materials allows us to offer the client novel solutions with additional benefits that enhance the performance of each project.

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